Get relief from your sinus pain by choosing Balloon Sinuplasty Procedure.

Sinusitis is very painful. Ask a person with sinusitis and they will swear that it hinders them from their day to day activities. Yet, It is a very common problem. While many patients with sinusitis manage with medications surgery becomes inevitable often.
The practiced method or the traditional sinusitis surgery is very effective and is usually classified as depending the case and the exact need of the patient.
1. Ethmoidectomy
2. Maxillary antrostomy
3. Turbiniplasty

Balloon Sinuplasty is a more recent technique and is considered an endoscopic method. This involves as the name suggests, insertion of a balloon into the sinuses which is then expanded to clean the mucus and also to expand the openings that are blocked.

Is Balloon Sinuplasty right for me?
This is best answered by your Physician. However, some guidelines below may help you in discussing with your doctor.
Post surgery time required to get back to normal activities will be higher, usually about a couple of weeks, with traditional surgery as opposed to about 2-3 days with Balloon Sinusitis.
Bone and/or tissue are often removed in the traditional method. With Balloon sinuplasty the surgeon works with the natural openings resulting in less damage and lower risk of scarring.
However, people with a deviated nasal septum or other complications that the doctors examines, you may not be a candidate for balloon sinuplasty and the doctor may suggest traditional surgery.
Neither forms of surgery guarantee a non-recurrence of Sinusitis, but the chances are usually lesser with the traditional method. However, the balloon sinuplasty is a non invasive method and does not pose much impact even if it is to be repeated.
A patient who has undergone any form of Sinusitis procedure may continue to need medicines.

Nuss Procedure Pectus Excavatum in India

Some people have a sunken chest. This is because the Sternum and Rib cage do not grow normally.

A surgical procedure used to correct this is called the Nuss Procedure. It is usually carried out by CardioThoracic Surgeons. More recently Plastic Surgeons seem to perform this surgery. Some times a Cardithoracic surgeon and a Plastic surgeon may do this together.

This is a Minimally invasive procedure originally used in children. It is now used in teens and Adults in thier twenties.

Nuss Procedure uses the technique of pushing in concave steel bars under the sternum. It is then flipped to push outward on the sternum. This corrects the deformity. The steel bars are left in there for a 2-5 years.

The patient will need another surgery to have the steel bars removed.

Nuss Procedure can be done in India and costs a lot lower compared to some other countries.

Is Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Treatable In Bangalore

Erectile dysfunction (ED) occurs in men for various reasons. Like most other medical conditions this too is addressed by professionals.Many times doctors prescribe medication for ED and is usually treated by a Urologist.
There are also suggested natural remedies with apparently varied results from usage. SurgeryXchange DOES NOT endorse any alternate therapies and is a platform for medical interventions only. In Bangalore Erectile Dysfunction is done by RENEW hospital with affordable cost Having said that, there have been requests for ED1000 shockwave therapy for Erectile Dysfunction. We have therefore partnered with a provider of ED1000 schockwavetherapy and is now made available to the users of SurgeryXchange. We are clear that this is a facilitation process and helping with costs for such treatment without endorsing the efficacy or the results of this treatments claimed by the therapy.

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